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Evaluations/ Assessments

DUI Evaluations

Following an arrest for driving under the influence (DUI), Illinois law mandates all offenders must complete a DUI Evaluation (Uniform Report). This evaluation must be completed prior to being sentenced for the offense.The DUI evaluation assesses the severity of alcohol and/or substance use present as well as the risk posed to the public. A risk level is then assigned to each individual dictating the amount of education and/or counseling that must be completed


New Visions is licensed to complete court required DUI Evaluations.

Here at New Visions, we understand being arrested for a DUI and then evaluated can be embarrassing and intimidating, thus we strive to create a relaxed and easy-going environment. Our staff aims to make every person feel comfortable to ensure the evaluation process is as painless as possible.  New Visions will also work seamlessly with your attorney to make the process smooth and stress free.

It’s important to note, some Illinois counties require the DUI evaluation be completed with their services, typically located in that particular county court house. New Visions or any other private agency cannot complete a DUI evaluation for these counties without permission, from the court, to do so.

  • If the arrest occurred in DuPage County, evaluations must be completed by DuPage County Probation and Court Services: DUI Evaluation Unit. Information about cost and scheduling an appointment can be found here.
  •  If the arrest occurred in Cook County, evaluations must be completed by Central States Institute of Addiction. Scheduling information can be found here.
  • If the arrest occurred in Lake County, evaluations must be completed by Nicasa. Contact them here.


Alcohol/Drug Evaluation and Assessments

Don’t have a DUI but need to get an alcohol/drug evaluation? We’ve got you covered. New Visions’ staff are fully licensed and trained to complete alcohol/drug evaluations no matter what the circumstance. With over 25 years of experience, our staff are well versed in various forms of evaluation and assessment paperwork. Meticulously completed reports ensure each and every report meets professional and legal standards. As a S.U.P.R. licensed provider, all evaluation reports completed by New Visions can be submitted to states and entities outside of Illinois as well.

Below you will find the the different types of alcohol/drug evaluations and assessment New Visions can provide:

  • Probation Assessments: New Visions is specifically on the preferred provider list in DuPage county and can complete assessments for all other Illinois counties
  • Court Evaluations for alcohol or drug related offenses: can be completed for both Illinois and other state circuit courts
  • Court Evaluations for non alcohol or drug related offenses
  • Parole Assessments
  • Employee Assistance Program Evaluations
  • Treatment Needs Assessments: can be completed for any person who desires to participate in alcohol/substance abuse counseling

Give us a call or contact us today, and our professional staff will get you the right evaluation to meet your needs.